ChoicePay is a cloud-based payment system designed to calculate, process and collect your patient payments quickly and cost-effectively. Our system is HIPAA and PCI compliant and designed to simplify and accelerate the revenue cycle process. ChoicePay allows patients to make payments using credit/debit cards in the office and through an online portal that INTEGRATES with iClaim.

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Healthcare Providers typically collect only about 50% of outstanding patient balances, resulting in almost $60 billion in bad debt annually. With QuickCollect, we target a past due account before it gets deep into the “debt spiral.” We use a time-tested, automated recovery process that gently engages with your indebted clients before a more direct approach is required. That means you recover more accounts, more quickly, and with much less risk to your valuable client relationships.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to maintain the highest level of compliance while actually increasing your reimbursement rates? You can with our comprehensive AuditGuard services. AuditGuard is an independent assessment to identify areas of non-compliance, improper coding and billing that is based on the medical records by offering detailed recommendations that ensure the provider is meeting documentation and advising on underpayments.

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It is not always as simple as choosing the right codes for each patient encounter. More importantly, you need to use the best codes that can correctly balance revenue optimization with steadfast compliance. Stop the guesswork, and start increasing your revenue with the help of our expert CodeRite coders. With CodeRite, a certified coding specialist will personally review your claims to make sure you are getting the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter.

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Our web based document management tool lets you convert paper documents into electronic images. Simply log into your secure electronic file cabinet and scan paper files or print electronic documents. Then organize files by assigning a few index values to create a fully-searchable electronic filing cabinet—for one or 100 users or more.

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When was the last time you sent a thank you card or checkup reminder to your patient base? We have that most doctor’s offices simply don’t have time to manage ongoing marketing efforts to valuable patients.

We have got the solution. Our AutoCard marketing service will automatically send personalized postcards, greeting cards, and even brochures to your current patient database. We can even design campaigns that deliver cards to your patients at regular intervals throughout the year.

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CompliancyGuard is a simple and cost-effective compliance tracking solution that satisfies HIPAA, HITECH Risk Assessment, and Omnibus Compliance. It is a total solution approach to compliance utilizing a three-step methodology. This process reduces complexity and provides solutions for all o your compliancy needs using our proprietary, cloud-based system. CompiiancyGuard is simple, cost-effective, web-based solutions that can help any-size organization manage every aspect of HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance. Use our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology, and experienced Compliance Coach Support, to address the entire set of healthcare compliance regulations.

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Telehealth means doctor and patient talk to each other over a smartphone, computer or other device. For people living in remote areas, it’s often the only way they can consult a doctor without a long commute.  Telehealth is approved by the American Medical Association and many states have regulations requiring insurance companies to cover these “office visits.”

With the same format with the rest of the services, left and right wording one side and picture the other side.

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Dental practice management & EHR software helps you market your services to help Dental Practices run efficiently and effectively. It not only offers tight practice management and dental X-ray sensor integration, but also offers functionality that is simply not found in other dental software systems. From employee time tracking, to certified integrated credit card processing, to electronically capturing signatures on patient release forms, DentiMax has you covered.

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